BEAR Jorge Coppen Vint Gear Book

BEAR Jorge Coppen Vint Gear Book

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Over the span of their existence, Bear Archery has produced many items besides bows. Most Bear Archery collectors have a desire for finding and collecting these rare items that are often hard to find and date.

In a sequel to his book Bear Archery Traditional Bows, A Chronological History 1949-2015, Jorge L. Coppen has put together a thorough reference book for merchandise produced during the Grayling and early Gainesville era of Bear Archery. Covering a fifty year span from 1949 to 1999, you'll find a wide range of nostalgic Bear Archery items containing detailed descriptions and illustrated images that are sure to inspire your passion for collecting. Chapters are segregated into categories such as Shooting Accessories, Hunting Items, Arrows, Broadheads, etc. to include most everything Bear Archery made, excluding their bows.

Containing 279 pages, this paperback book is filled with color photos and descriptions giving a superb reference manual for anything collectible regarding Bear Archery.

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