BLACK EAGLE Excutioner Bolts 20" (.003") Brass (6pk)

BLACK EAGLE Excutioner Bolts 20" (.003") Brass (6pk)

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Black Eagle Arrows Executioner Crossbow Fletched Hunting Arrows are designed to deliver high speed, kinetic energy and accuracy in a variety of conditions. These Arrows & Shafts from Black Eagle Arrows include a brass weight for optimized F.O.C. and are carefully matched for straightness, length and weight so every pack will have maximum uniformity and your shots will be more consistent. Black Eagle Executioner Crossbow Arrows are rugged enough for extreme use, so they are ideal for the rigors of crossbow hunting. Improve your accuracy and bring home all the trophies with Black Eagle Executioner Crossbow Fletched Carbon Fiber Arrows.


  • Premium 100% Carbon
  • Grouped Together Technology used to spine match each pack of arrows to ensure precise consistency.
  • Straightness evaluated on full length of shaft rather than the industry standard of measuring a 28-inch section. Standard of .001" and .003" Straightness or Better
  • 32-inch Shaft Length
  • All shafts are weighed and grouped by weight. Premium shafts allow tolerance of only plus or minus 1 grain.

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