EASTON ARROW Carbon Ion 500 BLUE 2'' XPV (EA)

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The Easton Archery® Carbon ION Arrows are ideal for hunters with shorter draw lengths and lighter bows. The ION arrows contain low profile, H diameter shafts that reduce wind drifting for enhanced accuracy and lower friction when going in for the kill. X-nocks with UNI are pre-installed and HP inserts are included with these hard-hitting Easton Archery® arrows.

Designed for a short draw shooter
Low profile, H diameter shaft reduces wind drifting for improved accuracy and lower friction
Pre-installed X nocks with UNI
HP inserts are included

500 SPINE (7.3 gpi)

*Price is per arrow.
*Fletched with vanes

*Color of vanes on actual product may vary from color shown in stock photo.