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  • Sale -44% COVERT 6.4V LifePo4 Battery

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    This metal safe securely protects your Cuddeback Trail Camera from animals, vandals, and thieves; plus additional protection from the elements. Welded and hinged metal for ultimate protection. Padlock (not included) is hidden behind a patented flange that prevents cutting with a bolt cutter. Can be screwed or strapped to a tree (screws included, strap not included). Compatible with 3/8" cable locks (cable not included).Features:Protection from curious animals, such as bears, vandals and thieves, plus additional protection from the elements; Bolts to tree with screws (included); AVALIBLE FOR L, J, AND G SERIES 

  • CUDDEBACK Power Bank Dx6


    Keep your Cuddeback camera running longer with a Cuddeback Power Bank. Holds additional 6 D batteries that more than double the runtime over camera batteries. Compatible will all CuddeLink and Tracks cameras. Adds additional 6 D size batteries to extend camera runtime.


  • CUDDEBACK Tracks Cell Camera

    CUDDEBACK CUDDEBACK Tracks Cell Camera

    Cuddeback Tracks IR Trail Camera - Tracks LTE camera is the newest cellular camera from Cuddeback. Tracks includes dual paddle antennas to deliver images in areas of poor LTE coverage. Dual SIM cards allows users to choose AT&T or Verizon and switch carriers as needed. Tracks features Cuddeback's latest technology with a full user interface, 3rd generation animal sensor with 7 sensitivity levels, Auto Camera Delay, Prime Time timelapse and long battery runtime with support for optional external power. Cuddeback's CAMP website or smartphone APP allows you to setup and control the camera from anywhere. Tracks leads with data plans as low as $4 per month. Camera Features: ¼ second trigger speed. Patented Auto Camera Delay. Dual timelapse modes (Prime Time & standard). High-def sensor optimizes image clarity for LTE delivery and phone viewing. 3rd generation animal detector with 7 sensitivity settings. Built in user interface for programming at the camera. Camera Delays from 5 seconds to 1 hour. Bust mode delivers 1 to 5 images from each detection. Control camera settings from website or smartphone app. Uses SD card up to 256 GB (*not included). Powered by 4 D batteries for all season battery life (*not included). Compatible with Cuddeback's external battery and solar power options. Extend battery life with Cuddeback solar and battery power options. Versatile mounting and locking options available. 5.2.1 Warranty with 1 year standard warranty, 2 year extended warranty with online registration, 5 year discount replacement. Cell Features: Dual paddle antennas for exceptional LTE reception. Dual SIM Cards with Verizon and AT&T SIM cards installed. Select carrier at time of setup and change anytime. Receive images 4 ways (email/text/APP/web). Up to 5 Users can receive images via email/text. Cellular data plans start at $4 per month. QR code scan for easy LTE data plan setup. Automatic over the air firmware updates. High resolution image plans available. High resolution image by request available with Standard Image plans. Adjust camera settings remotely via APP or web interface. Camera date and time automatically set from LTE signal. Data plans as low as $4 per month.


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  • Sale -32% COVERT 6.4V LifePo4 Wall Charger

    COVERT COVERT 6.4V LifePo4 Wall Charger

    Description Covert Scouting Cameras LifePo4 Battery Charger 110V, Wall Charger 7.2V---2.0ASpecifications:- Type: Charger- Nominal Voltage (V): 7.3- Charging Current: 1000mA- Compatible Chemistry: LiFePO4- Input Voltage: 100-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz 0.5A Max- Output Voltage: 7.2V=2.0A- LED Indicators:Charging: Red LightFully Charged: Green LightShort Circuit: Light Off

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    Moultrie Mobile's Edge solves many problems hunters hate about cellular trail cameras. Eliminate connectivity and carrier issues with multi-network Auto Connect. Save yourself time, money and hassle with built-in memory, cloud storage and no SD cards. These innovations plus industry-leading image and video quality, battery life and extremely fast setup make the Edge one of the best cellular cameras on the market for less than $100. OVERVIEW Meet the Edge: the easy-to-use, feature-packed cellular trail camera innovation from Moultrie Mobile. The Edge is the next generation of cellular trail camera technology, providing unrivaled ease-of-use and engineered to deliver industry-best image quality, cellular connectivity, and battery life. One camera, multiple major cellular networks: With cellular coverage provided by multiple nationwide networks, Auto Connect technology connects your camera to the strongest cellular network in your area – without ever swapping SIM cards. No SD card required! With built-in memory, you won't need to buy or format finicky SD cards. Unlimited cloud storage ensures that all of your pictures are always available for you to view and manage using the Moultrie Mobile app, and Edge automatically manages its built-in memory to make room for new images. Run your camera longer on fewer batteries. Operate efficiently with 8 AAs or install 16 AAs to enjoy extended life when you deploy your Edge in difficult-to-access locations. Edge operates on either Alkaline or Lithium AAs and is compatible with Moultrie solar power accessories (sold separately). SPECIFICATIONS Edge offers reliability with Auto Connect technology, which automatically detects and connects to the strongest signal from multiple nationwide networks. Built-In Memory – no SD card required! Unlimited cloud storage ensures that all of your pictures are always available for you to view and manage using the Moultrie Mobile app, and Edge automatically manages its built-in memory to make room for new images. Exceptional Image Quality – High-Performance Image Sensor captures sharp 33MP pictures and HD 720p video with sound, day and night. Clearer Night Images – Improved IR LED arrangement produces even illumination out to 80 feet. Flexible power options – runs on 8 or 16 AA batteries configurations; compatible with solar power accessories (sold separately) Capture More Action – Expanded PIR gives you a wider field of view of 40 degrees and improved trigger accuracy means you know where he’s been and where he’s going Fold & Transport Cellboost antenna provides better connectivity and folds for easier transport in and out of the field – no assembly required. Even Easier to Set Up – Scan QR code to activate. Switch it on and you’re READY TO GO. 2-year warranty backed by U.S.-based customer support, available 7 days a week. 


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  • MOULTRIE EZ Tree Mount 3 pack


  • MOULTRIE 16G SD Memory Card


  • MOULTRIE SD Card Reader Gen 3

    MOULTRIE MOULTRIE SD Card Reader Gen 3

    Supports Lightning, USB-C and Micro USB connectors Supports SD and Micro SD cards Compatible with Apple and Android Copy, move and delete files directly from SD card Download free app for Apple (iBrary Link) or Android (CX File Explorer) Easily check trail camera cards in the field with the Moultrie Smartphone SD Card Reader Gen3. The reader is compatible with SD and Micro SD cards, as well as Lightning, USB-C and Micro USB connectors. Download the free app for Apple or Android, and you’ll be ready to quickly scan photos in the field.


  • MOULTRIE Mount Straps 2 pack

    MOULTRIE MOULTRIE Mount Straps 2 pack

    Upgrade your existing camera straps 8' long, 1" wide straps Durable nylon strap Heavy duty claw clip OVERVIEW The Moultrie Camera Mount Straps come in packs of two. These mount straps will fit Moultrie cameras and allow you to upgrade or replace existing camera straps. The straps are durable and are 8 feet long and one inch wide.


  • MOULTRIE 32G SD Memory Card


    Upload data, erase and reuse without losing quality Write-protect switch prevents accidental overwrites or deletes Use in all SDHC compatible devices Can be used with all 2007 and newer Moultrie game cameras OVERVIEW Moultrie's SD memory card is an easy way to expand the number of pictures your digital scouting camera can store. Simply place the card into the memory card slot until it is fully inserted. View pictures by removing card and placing into an SD-compatible computer, TV, phone, or other device.  


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  • Sale -12% COVERT WC30-A - NEW


    Description Fast trigger speeds. High Resolution. Long flash range. Compact size and exceptional battery life are just a few of the notable attributes combined into the new Covert Scouting Cameras WC30. The compact WC30 includes a SIM card and functions on either the AT&T or Verizon wireless backbone with exceptional reliability. With the ability to capture and transmit both photos and video, those seeking intel of all types will appreciate the cameras' ability to store images and videos locally while transmitting hi-res images and 720p videos to the Covert Web Portal and mobile app. Each of the two models available, the WC30-A (AT&T LTE) and WC30-V (Verizon LTE) measure a compact 5.7"H x 4.5"W x 3.2" D deep and feature a pipe through security port, matte brown housing and reinforced tripod mount that's perfect for use with any of Covert's extensive line of camera mounts.An action-catching .2-second trigger speed ensures excellent media capture of photos and videos with game ideally-placed within the center of frame. 48 Infrared No-Glow LEDs deliver a 100-foot flash range for even illumination and exceptional media quality under a wide variety of conditions, while 1 to 10 turbo shot burst mode and MaXimum Silence Image Capture prevents spooking game. Compatible with up to a 32GB SD card, each event is stamped with Time/Date/Temp/Moon Phase and stored on the media card and sent to the Web Portal and Wireless App.

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  • Covert Scouting Cameras SD Card Case

    COVERT Covert Scouting Cameras SD Card Case

    Covert Scouting Cameras SD Card Case Features: Zippered EVA Molded Case with Embossed Logo Fits 25 SD Cards Measures: 6” W x 4” H x 1.5” D A handy carrying case made to hold your trail camera SD cards. Keep your SD cards handy and protected in a Covert® embossed travel case!


  • COVERT 32 GB SD Card


  • Sale -8% COVERT 16 GB SD Card


    Description Covert provides top-quality trail cameras and accessories with exceptional customer service and support. Remain best in the game with Covert Scouting Cameras.

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    Description Cinch it up and lock it down. 6' adjustable locking cable. Cut resistant braided steel cable. Limited lifetime warranty.




    COVERT SCOUTING CAMERAS CABLE LOCK Covert Scouting Cameras 2205 Python Adjustable Locking Cable 6' Item : 128725 | SKU : 2205 | Model : Master Lock Python | UPC : 898079002205


  • COVERT 12AA - Battery Charger

    COVERT COVERT 12AA - Battery Charger

    Description No longer waste away money on new batteries with Covert's new battery charger. Charges up to 12 AA rechargeable batteries at a time and also alerts when the battery is charged with a green light.


  • Sale -20% COVERT Replacement 6V Solar Panel Kit

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  • Sale -17% COVERT 6V Solar Panel

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