AMS Special Ops Bow Light System

AMS Special Ops Bow Light System

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Experience night bowfishing at its best with the new AMS Special Ops Night Vision System! Packed with a 400 Lumen LED light, it is extremely bright. Light comes with 2 switch options; a cap switch at the back of the light and an extended pressure switch which can be positioned anywhere on the bow. This special feature gives you the ability to press the light on and off quickly. A great option when dealing with fish that “spook” easily, plus it conserves battery life. Our patent pending Special Ops Bracket fits in the standard sight holes on most bows and behind any AMS Retriever allowing the light to be positioned at eye-level. The light has a continuous life up to 4 hours or, with normal on/off use, 2 – 3 nights. Kit includes light, mount bracket, cap switch, pressure switch, 2 batteries CR123A batteries and red, blue and green light filters. 


  • Special Ops Night Vision Light
  • 2 CR123 Batteries
  • Mount Bracket and Screws
  • Sheath for storage or wearing on belt
  • 3 filters: red, blue and green

Technical Specifications

  • 400 Lumen Ultra-Bright Flashlight
  • Pressure switch and push button tail caps
  • Surep quick removal from custom mount bracket
  • Mounts in-line with your vision for optimal performance
  • Several nights of standard On/Off use battery life
  • Four hours continuous use