EASTON ARROW Axis SPT 5MM 400 2'' Bully Vanes (EA)

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NEW HIGH PENETRATION 5MM Axis SPT carbon arrows FOR SHORTER DRAW/LOWER POUNDAGE BOWS. Easton’s Axis SPT is the newest member of the legendary AXIS lineup offering improved field performance for bowhunters with shorter draws and/or lighter-poundage setups. The SPT comes in three spines, 500, 600, & 700 and is priced to offer exceptional value. The 5mm micro diameter Axis SPT hunting arrows are compatible with all Axis accessory components, including the highly demanded FOC enhancing Easton brass inserts, and now it’s more affordable than ever.


• Pre-installed X Nock
• X HIT 8-32 inserts
• Straightness: ± .006”
• High-strength carbon-composite fibers