HHA TETRA MAX 5519 w/.019 1 pin 1 5/8" Scope

HHA TETRA MAX 5519 w/.019 1 pin 1 5/8" Scope

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Hands down the best single pin sight on the market, the Tetra Max Single Pin from HHA Sports combines decades of time tested features with the latest innovation. The Tetra Max is ideal for a hunter who likes to shoot 3D or tournament and then head straight into the woods to chase deer and elk.

Shoot different arrows depending on the season? Every Tetra Max sight includes two yardage wheels, making that switch between setups a snap, and not a half day on the range. Change out the ultra-fine pointer for the magnifier and see your yardage marks like never before. And add an optional Blue Burst Light and illuminate your tape scale to make rapid adjustments in dense cover or from the security of a ground blind.

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