VICTORY ARROW CARBON TRAD (.204) 5" FEATHERS Sport (.006") 350 (11.2 gpi) (6)

VICTORY ARROW CARBON TRAD (.204) 5" FEATHERS Sport (.006") 350 (11.2 gpi) (6)

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The Carbon Trad arrow puts revolutionary technology into the traditional archer’s hands. The small-diameter shafts have a natural, woven linen fiber infused into the outer layer construction of its high-modulus carbon. This technology gives the look and feel of a natural wood arrow while improving durability, accuracy and reducing archer’s paradox for improved down range grouping and penetration.

  • Spine Aligned - every arrow digitally spine aligned for increased accuracy and shot to shot consistency
  • Matched Weight – each dozen weight matched to +-0.5 grains for precise shot consistency and tighter grouping
  • Ice Nano Ceramic Coating – advanced nano ceramic arrow coating improves penetration and allows for easy removal from targets
  • Small Diameter Arrow – high modulus 100% carbon fiber construction .204 diameter for maximum speed & penetration with less wind deflection

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